T-head bolts can be used for practically every connection application involving tensioning and clamping.

The following sizes are available for immediate delivery as stock goods:
To DIN 186 with square head from M6 to M36 in lengths from 20 to 420mm
To DIN 188 with lug from M8 to M36 in lengths from 20 to 420 mm
To DIN 261 with barrel from M6 to M30 in lengths from 20 to 420 mm

Examples of application:
Supporting structures • Fittings • Valves

We manufacture non-standard cold and hot worked bolts, nuts and studs in accordance with your drawings or samples. Available in all the common commercially available qualities, e.g. hardened and tempered to 4.6, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9 or higher. Also of V2A and V4A/V5A stainless steel as well as all high-grade steels and alloys. Available on request with all common surface finishes.
We will have many products available for you as stock goods..

Product examples:
Ball handles • Hook bolts • Scaffolding bolts • Shouldered nuts
Profile bolts • L-ties

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